The BEST wedge you will ever use - period!


US Patent # 7,618,330

It's so simple you'll wonder why no one has thought of it before!!!
It's easy to get into trouble - now it's EEZ-E to get out!!!
Sand conditions can be very inconsistent, some are soft and fluffy, while others are hard and firm. Our patented computer designed friction release groove technology takes the guess work out of it. Along with the perfect amount of bounce, the grooves keep the club head square through impact. You simply take the same swing from all types of sand and tall grass, the club does the rest.

Patented Grooves displace 37% more sand than a standard wedge. The special grooves are computer designed to control the flow of sand passing under the club head and greatly improve the ease in which the club head travels through the sand. The groove technology applies to not only all kinds of sand but also to thick rough and tall grass as well.

It's Simple: The easier the club head travels through sand and grass, the easier it is for a player of any level to get the ball up and out and onto the green.

The revolutionary Grooveez wedge gives you the control, spin and confidence that will get you closer to the pin every time.

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The Patented Friction Release Groove Technology of this powerful wedge gets you out of trouble easily!